The Museum is currently undertaking three major projects.

1. Creation of an English Website: The SF Korean American Museum is in the process of constructing an English-language website to facilitate the Museum’s engagement with the community and promote easy access to information. A detailed description of the historical sites described in the brochure for the inauguration ceremony on June 20th is currently available in both Korean and English. The current English part of the website will be gradually expanded by adding on more contents.

2. Mini-catalog Project: A total of 25 donated objects were on display during the inauguration ceremony, including paintings and sculptures by various artists. A mini-catalog of these works of art is in the preparation stage. Most of the works evoke the everyday life of the immigrants, while the other works are also valuable additions to the Museum’s collection. This catalog, first publication by the Museum, will be given to the donors, supporters and members of the Museum.

3. Video Interview Project: The aim of this project is to provide a vivid record of oral history through video interviews with Korean-American immigrants. The Korean-American community was built from the ground up by the individual efforts of each and every Korean-American in the space of their lives. The interviews will record not only the stories ofcommunity leaders or professionals but also the stories of everyday men and women. Initially, the interviewee will be the early immigrants who came to America before 1970 and residents in the San Francisco Bay Area. They will be the living eye witnesses to Korean-American immigration history. It is all the more urgent and critical to preserve the memories and histories of these senior immigrants before they pass away.

By recording the oral histories, we hope not only to archive the lives of the trailblazing early immigrants but also relate the history of Korean-American immigration . a story that is still in progress -into a dialogue between the past and present. The recorded interviews will be edited, stored in the historical record, and made available to the public through the Museum’s website. This is not a task that can be completed in a year or two: it is an open ended project that will serve as a living textbook for future generations. We therefore ask the support and cooperation of the greater Korean-American community in this endeavor. The vision for our future is written in these records.
San Francisco Korean American Museum

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